Last Oasis promises map adjustments and PvP content, ponders whether it should have PvE at all


Season 5 of Last Oasis was originally meant to bring a PvE focus – albeit a “brutal” one – but it looks like the devs of the game are considering another change of heart. A dev blog on Steam references discussions happening in its official Discord about PvE map tiles and whether the survivalbox should have them at all, but effectively appears to be settling on a wait and see approach for the time being.

“We want to first see how the new map performs with both PvP and PvE and will make a decision whether to keep PvE tiles once Base and Walker Packing is out to allow anyone who settled on tiles that might be burnt to easily move their belongings to another tile. That doesn’t mean that we made a decision yet, though. The process of observing the gameplay on both types of the tiles is still ongoing and we’ll announce the final decision only after the Packing feature is out.”

The blog then goes on to discuss future update plans such as continued iteration on the recently released Sleeping Giants map based on player feedback, creation of new PvP-minded content that includes PvP tiles designed to be “an actually important part of gameplay and the in-game world as a whole,” and development of the game’s third map that will be done alongside the aforementioned PvP content. The post then closes out with a brief set of patch notes for its latest update.

source: Steam
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