Warframe discusses Halloween, Frames, cross-play, and charity initiative


It’s something of a given that the developer livestreams out of Warframe are packed full of information, and Devstream 164 was no different as it talked about the next ‘Frames in the works, cross-platform testing, its next content patch, and a charity drive to benefit cancer research.

The livestream first confirmed that a cross-platform playtest between PC and Xbox players occurred and that more cross-play tests for various platforms are in the works. Players should note that these playtests will not be announced ahead of time so that developer Digital Extremes can “ensure that [it has] an accurate representation of playerbase activity,” but those who want to know more about this previous playtest can read up a forum post about the matter.

One of the larger portions of the stream focused on the Echoes of Veilbreaker patch, which is introducing a reworking of the fight mechanics against Ven’kra and Sprag, a new Ostron Cove room for player dojos, adjustments to missions from Kahl’s Garrison, and other features. A release date for this content patch was not provided during the broadcast.

There is one date that Warframe players will want to note on their calendars: Wednesday, October 5th. That’s when several new Prime variants are arriving including Revanent, Phantasma, and Tatsu, as well as the return of the Halloween-themed Nights of Naberus event. And while we’re on the subject of new ‘Frames, the stream also previewed a wolf-themed character who has some of the most important aspects of being a wolf nailed down: a fluffy tail and a really nasty-looking axe.

This new ‘Frame leads into the Quest to Conquer Cancer charity drive being run by the game, which is offering donation incentives to players including the opening of a poll to decide the new wolfy’s name, as well as boost items, character slots, unique cosmetics, and more. Players can either donate during a series of livestreams or purchase merchandise, with proceeds going to the Princess Margaret Cancer Center’s research efforts.

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