Albion Online’s latest patch introduces some zesty new victory emotes


Sometimes it’s just not enough to win a PvP battle; you’ve got to make the person you take down feel humiliated, and while the victory emotes feature added to Albion Online in Into the Fray did a pretty good job of that, there could always be more done to rub defeat into an opponent’s face, and that’s just what’s being offered in the newest patch.

Players can now add insult to defeat with six new victory emotes: one banner emote for each of the game’s three platforms, a sword emote, a hammer emote, and the hellgate emote that sees a skeletal hand yoink an enemy’s soul and tug it downward before it gets to float away.

If all of this victory emote business is odd to you, then there’s a handy guide on offer in the forums. Otherwise, if you’re the sort who has gold to burn for some visual smack talk, you’ve got some fresh options.

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