Cinderstone Online sells closed beta access, plans cadence, and teases Halloween


Did you miss out on the open beta test of Cinderstone Online? Well unfortunately, that ship has sailed. Bad news there. However, the game is now in closed beta! Good news there! However, you have to pay for it. Potentially upsetting news.

It’s true: If you want to join in on the closed beta action, you’ll have to pony up at least $20 to get instant closed beta access among some other goodies and a copy of the game when it releases. That said, the FAQ located just below the purchase pagementions plans for additional open beta weekends, which will be announced on the game’s social media channels and in its newsletter.

On the subject of what’s next for closed beta, the devs are planning to kick out new story chapters every month and patches for the game every week. Incidentally, October will bring chapter two of the story, new side quests, a new dungeon, and a Halloween event, while November promises chapter three, a new map, new dungeon, and a class advancement system. In more immediate news, the game’s database apparently got hammered by players, but it’s better now.

sources: official site (1, 2), Twitter (1, 2)
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