Final Fantasy XIV’s Naoki Yoshida talks battle royale and new stories while preparing for the next live letter


If that headline worried you, relax; Final Fantasy XIV is not being fully retooled as some kind of battle royale and doesn’t even have a mode of that style coming. But a recent interview with producer and director Naoki Yoshida asked what kind of content he would love to include in the game without any restrictions, and while he stated that he can’t really imagine working with no restrictions, he does think a Blue Mage battle royale with players learning spells from monsters and one another would be pretty cool. Sadly, it’s not currently on the table. But the idea actually does sound cool.

Yoshida also discusses working on the game telling new stories, which he finds energizing even as he acknowledges that the team isn’t wholly leaving its old stories behind. It’s a nice interview for getting a peek behind the scenes, with players getting another peek once the next Letter from the Producer LIVE airs this Friday. That includes a preview of patch 6.25, so get ready for that in just a couple of days.

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