Lineage 2M adds a mythic class and opens the Tower of Insolence’s fourth floor


If you’re going to call your new class “the all-powerful one” and “mythic,” it should probably hit pretty hard. Players of the mobile MMOARPG Lineage 2M will get to test that theory out thanks to the latest update, which includes the mythic class Raoul the All-Powerful One. Yes, that is the class’ name. The class name is a dude’s name. Don’t think about it too much.

The update that introduces Raoul also comes with additional mythic skills for various weapons, new legendary and epic classes, and some new Inheritor’s Books that can be obtained through crafting. Furthermore, the fourth floor of the Tower of Insolence dungeon has been opened in the new update, which promises plenty of fearsome monsters and a new boss to face down. There has also been some class balancing updates and general improvements overall, so there’s a fair bit to do even if you don’t want to play as some guy named Raoul.

sources: press release, official site
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