Wakfu’s update 1.77 brings new tactical views, an Ouginak revamp, and a better performing game client


Wakfu is hoping to make fighting in the turn-based tactical MMO a little easier with the release of update 1.77, which is promising a suite of features to improve combat, refine the launcher, and revamp one of the game’s many classes.

One of the larger features of the patch is the addition of three new combat views: classic, semi-tactical, and an overhauled tactical view to help players plan their moves. This feature also allows for player modding, enhancements to the select a cell function, and a keybind to show resistances.

Another segment of the update includes class balancing, with particular focus on revamping the Ouginak class and improving the animations of the Eniripsa class. Finally, the game client has seen several updates including an automatic login through the Anakama Launcher and improved RAM allocation. The announcement promises more surprises as well, so curious players may want to take a peek.

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