ArcheAge celebrates autumn event, surveys fresh start players on bots and boosts


The autumn season has arrived to our half of the hemisphere, meaning that in-game holidays are not too far behind, much like the harvest event that’s live in ArcheAge. From now until November 3rd, players can deliver grain bundles for titles, icons, and a number of boost items. The patch that introduced the event has also raised the amount of gold that can be attached to group mails, increased the duration of Memory Ember’s effect, and applied some bug fixes.

In other ArcheAge news – specifically related to last month’s fresh start servers – Kakao Games is asking players of these servers to fill out a survey and provide feedback about their experience. Questions asked include feelings about the number of bots in-game, whether XP boosts should be applied to future fresh start servers, and whether there were enough labor points granted to allow players to progress.

sources: official site (1, 2), official survey
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