Conan Exiles’ latest patch applies a lengthy list of bug fixes for all platforms


It’s a good ol’ fashioned bug fixin’ going down in Conan Exiles. The latest patch for PC, Xbox, and PS4 zeroes in on several issues affecting various portions of the survival sandbox. Some of the fixes are pretty minor, such as renaming a door frame item, addressing items missing from an admin panel, and stopping resurrected corpses from turning invisible.

Others could be considered more impactful, like stability updates, a value adjustment to minimum stamina or minimum damage taken, a fix for the Darkness spell to halt players falling through high altitude buildings, and a number of updates to the Lightning Storm spell that reduce its damage, increase the number of targets it hits, and halt it from hurting the casters and their allies. There’s a lot of updates being made to existing content, so players should take the time to read up on things.

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