DC Universe Online begins the Witching Hour with new rewards and a vampire bat race


The time has come for some ghoulish fun in DC Universe Online as the superheroic MMO’s Witching Hour Halloween event is coming back for 2022 with returning activities, some new rewards, and a race as a vampire bat because why not.

Regulars to the Witching Hour are likely all very familiar with the Midnight Masquerade mission to take on and the Spooky Bites to collect, though new this year is a Flapping in the Night multiplayer aerial movement challenge that sees players transformed into vampire bats to fly through an aerial race course in Arkham Asylum. As for rewards, this year promises new feats, new base items, and new styles.

The patch has also laid some groundwork for its upcoming chapter 44 content like raising the maximum number of skill points and maximum origin augment rank, introducing new high-tier exobyte recipes, and making some episode 40 conversions. The patch also revamps the custom play UI and applies a few bug fixes.

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