Flagship’s dead MMO Mythos is back as a single-player RPG from Hellgate owner Hanbitsoft


A few weeks ago on the MassivelyOP Podcast, Justin and I were trying to come up with MMOs that had centaur-like races, and we happened to mention Mythos, which did indeed have a satyr class. Mythos was one of the Flagship MMOs – yes that Flagship – and was in testing back in the late aughts. Flagship, of course, went under, which put the game in the hands of the Hanbitsoft/T3/Redbana/Frogster conglom, which launched the game as Mythos Global a few years later, only to shut it down again in 2014.

Longtime readers know that Hanbitsoft also acquired the rights to Flagship’s Hellgate London at the same time and has spent the last decade resurrecting it repeatedly. Now, it’s apparently resurrected Mythos too, as it showed up back on Steam a month ago.

There’s a big caveat here, though: This version is not an MMO; it’s a single-player version of the game, which… actually isn’t a terrible idea, as the game always did play a bit like a Torchlight prototype, but of course we’d prefer multiplayer.

Hanbitsoft is asking $9.99 for the only game in history that correctly pluralizes the word cyclops, but before you hand over a Hamilton for a game almost old enough to drive, you should probably read the reviews, which aren’t kind, as players are complaining about resolution issues, poor and intermittently non-existent localization, ancient graphics, unfinished content, weak controls, and abysmal balance. You might want to check out the Hellgate reviews as well for a glimpse into how well this company supports its resurrected temports.

Still, as one player noted, “it is a win for game preservation,” and we can’t disagree.

MOP’s Game Archaeologist deep-dived Mythos a few years back for those of you curious about the whole saga!

Source: Steam. Cheers, Breck!
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