Guild Wars 2 players are no longer seeing double in the Black Citadel thanks to hotfix


A hotfix applied to Guild Wars 2 has generated some discussions among the game’s community, but maybe not for the reasons one might expect. The notes do have some things to consider such as endurance gain nerfs to certain skills, a fix for the Mechanist’s jade mech gaining “more ferocity than expected,” and a fix for other skill UI visuals or interactions.

No, what some folks are talking about is the part of the patch that fixes “an erroneous prop in the Black Citadel.” As it turns out, there were a couple of Imperator Core objects in the location that, when looked at from a certain angle, ended up appearing… like something else. The extra Core has since been removed, prompting some amusing player responses; it was even referenced by ArenaNet in its own tweet about the hotfix.

sources: official forums, Reddit (1, 2), Twitter
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