Diablo II Resurrected adds Terror Zones, new charms, and its second ladder season


Diablo II: Resurrected has added some terror this spooky season, but it’s not a Halloween event; it’s the addition of Terror Zones as part of the ARPG’s newest patch. Actually, Terror Zone sounds like one of those old ’50s horror flicks, so it kind of fits the theme of October.

Players who have been following the game’s PTR updates are likely familiar with this feature: Terror Zones are randomly spawning areas across the game’s five acts designed to help farming XP easier for players leveling up their alt characters.

The newest patch also launches the game’s second ladder season that is once again broken up into four different game modes. This new season also adds six new sundering charms that drop for ladder characters, which are designed to increase class build diversity. All of the granular details await in the patch notes.

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