No Man’s Sky brings new game modes, a trade rocket, and a Nintendo Switch launch in its Waypoint update


The ever-increasing number of feature additions to No Man’s Sky just keep on coming. Waypoint, the survivalbox’s latest free update, is now available to players with new modes, several quality-of-life adjustments, and now an all-new platform in the Nintendo Switch.

In terms of new gameplay elements, there aren’t too many features on hand as the game has introduced rare asteroids, a planetary trade rocket that lets players sell stuff on the galactic market without having to go to a station, and a new set of faction-specific milestones and challenges.

That’s not to suggest Waypoint is thin on features, however: The update adds a new relaxed mode that promises “reduced danger and minimal grind,” a suite of difficulty options to let players tailor their experience, refinements to inventory visuals and features, a crafting tree for creating more complex items, and a whole host of visual improvements for the Atlas, planets, and space anomalies.

All of this is now playable on the Nintendo Switch system, in either handheld or docked mode, with full support for Joycon and Pro controllers as well as touch controls. Incidentally, Switch players who connect to the NMS servers before November 7th can claim a unique starship and multi-tool.

There’s a whole lot more waiting in this update, so players will want to take a few moments to read through the substantial patch notes, take in some of the latest videos below, or peruse another gallery of lovely images.

source: official site, thanks to Ken for the tip!
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