Closers is kicking off an autumn jumping event that fast-tracks characters to max level


Who has time for the tedium of going through story missions or slowly ramping up an MMO character’s power? Closers players with a desire to hit max level but not a whole lot of time to set aside to do it will be able to take advantage of an autumn jumping event designed to get a character to level 90 ASAP.

In order to take part in the event, players simply have to recruit a character and select it as a jumping character, which will then immediately push it to level 90, complete with 8M TCP, access to Task Force Black Hands, and a story that starts at Centrum City. The event is also handing out login goodies full of boosts, kicking off a related battle pass, and letting players collect a support box for their characters that’s stuffed with additional items and equipment, whether it’s a jumping character or not.

The event runs between Wednesday, October 12th, and Wednesday, November 23rd, so if you’re wondering what awaits at the top end of Closers, you can soon (autumn) jump to it.

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