Embers Adrift sets its scene with a new story trailer ahead of launch


We’re less than a week away from Embers Adrift making its full release, and if you assumed that meant we were going to be getting trailers to try and work up some excitement in its run-up to launch, then you would be right.

This newest trailer is primarily focused on the MMORPG’s setting, painting a picture of the dangers waiting in the Untameable North and pondering the mysteries of ember, which saw an ancient civilization disappear in the past and is making creatures grow larger and more aggressive in the present. The video also ties in game features like dungeon delves and loot as part of its overall lore-centric beats.

There’s not much new to see that regular followers haven’t seen before, but for those wondering about this game and considering whether a box price and sub fee is money well spent, this video has a little story to tell.

source: YouTube
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