Lord of the Rings Online outlines the Harvestmath Festival starting October 12

Everybody good over here? Everybody harvesting? Great.

The last crops are being harvested across Middle-earth, and that means it’s time for everyone to celebrate some concluding harvests with some spooks and fright. Sure, Nazgûl are scary, but what about a hobbit in a white burlap sack with eyes cut out?! Yes, Harvestmath is coming once again to Lord of the Rings Online, it is fun and silly as always, and you can get a full rundown on the many quests and rewards available from a preview on the official site.

Players can start off participating in the festivities by heading to the Shire and speaking to Rosa Hornblower, who kicks things off and gives players access to Wistmead. Once inside, you have a variety of quests to undertake, as well as an assortment of rewards. New rewards this year include sleeping cats to use as housing items and three new minions, with cosmetic gear, minions, and housing items returning as available rewards as well. The whole thing starts tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. EDT and runs until November 2nd, so get ready for spooky times with the hobbitses.

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