Evercore Heroes promises ‘competitive PvE’ that merges MOBA combat and MMO dungeon delving


What do you get when you mesh together MOBA-style combat, team-based competition, and PvE dungeon dives? You might get something like Evercore Heroes, the self-described “competitive PvE” game from Dublin-based developer Vela Games, which is composed of former devs from Riot Games, Blizzard, and Epic Games.

“Set in a rich, science fantasy world called Lumerea, [Evercore] breaks new ground by combining the real-time, skill-based teamplay and action of MOBAs with the adventure of co-operative MMO dungeon runs.”

Players of the game select a character from a roster, then team up in four groups of four to secure map objectives, power up the titular evercore, and take down a boss as fast as possible. The game looks like a MOBA in terms of graphical style and camera perspective, but with a more PvE-minded, objective-based bent.

Evercore is currently taking names for a weekend playtest that’s scheduled to run between October 13th and 16th. In the meanwhile, there’s the website to check out and some videos waiting below.

sources: press release, official site
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