MultiVersus brings on its Halloween event, adds Gizmo and Stripe to its roster of fighters


The latest open beta patch for character brawler MultiVersus has a little something special for the ’80s kids in its audience (or at least those who love the decade’s creature features): Stripe and Gizmo, the main characters from the film Gremlins, have officially arrived to the roster.

Stripe is an assassin style character who wields his slashing claws and a wide variety of gadgets like a buzzsaw, chainsaw, dynamite, and a skateboard into battle. Stripe can also attach himself to foes, avoiding damage while dishing out the hurt to whatever character he’s clinging on to. Gizmo, meanwhile, brings a bow into battle, along with a box of tricks and mystical singing abilities.

On top of the new characters, the latest patch has kicked off a Halloween event that dishes out candy currency for playing matches, which in turn can be used to pick up some thematic cosmetics like an icon, an emote sticker, and Halloween costumes for the characters Reindog and Jake. Further updates in the patch include an adjustment to the anti-infinite system, an increased recharge time for the dodge meter, and a number of character-specific adjustments. The notes also promise an “experimental” new map is coming soon for custom games; it’s all outlined in the patch notes.

sources: press release, official site (1, 2)
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