Book of Travels eyes price increase, newbie hand-holding, and targeted DLC


Book of Travels just marked its first anniversary from its October 2021 early access launch, you might be surprised to realize. The “micro-MMO” initially struggled with stability issues, permadeath quandries, layoffs, and a development freeze.¬†However, at the one-year mark Might and Delight said that it’s starting to right the ship and produce a better production pipeline to operate a live game.

In its new blog post to Kickstarter backers, the studio admitted that “some 7,000 hours of development work remain ahead” to achieve the desired feature set of the game, which will roll out in DLC that’s targeted toward one of the game’s four key pillars (survival, exploration, trading, and mystery).

“We have had a major rethink and addressed these lessons and remain committed to delivering the vast world of Braided Shore,” confessed the studio.

Might and Delight promised that it will be “holding [the] hands” of newer players who tend to feel lost in the game. Another big change is increasing server size — and a scaling cost for the game as more DLC is added.

“The overall price of the game will increase as and when more content is added, the first of which is expected mid-November,” the studio posted.

Source: Kickstarter
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