Wizard101 works to correct guild and raid issues



In case you’ve been away from Wizard101 for a while now, you might be surprised to discover that the family-friendly MMO added guilds this past summer. These guilds can grow as large at 50 members and build up a house together while tackling various group challenges.

But of course, a feature as big as that almost demands follow-up adjustments and fixes, which have been ongoing for a couple of months now. This past week saw a patch that fixed a problem that would reset guild house progress without players’ say-so.

Other fixes in the patch include adjustments to Wizard101’s raids, with gates no longer resetting and consuming a new key.

“There is a known Raids Gate issue where the final couple of players entering together too quickly may not properly reset the gate. Form a line and proceed at a walking pace, Wizards,” KingsIsle cautioned.

Source: Wizard101
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