Embers Adrift’s weekend launch actually went fairly smoothly


Despite the oddity of launching an MMORPG on a Saturday, the Embers Adrift team is no doubt breaking out the bubbly thanks to a relatively smooth rollout of this old school-styled fantasy title.

While there were no widespread reports of queues or crashes, a few players took to the forums to complain about performance issues and transaction errors in buying the game.

Soulhaven promised a continued stream of work on the MMO post-launch: “This does NOT mean that development will slow. On the contrary, we plan on continuing our rapid development pace that we have demonstrated for the past few years.”

Players by and large reported no major problems:

And some are digging the vibes of MMOs from yesteryear:

Expect to see Massively OP’s early impressions of Embers Adrift later today!

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