Kickstarted MMO turned single-player visual novel Destiny’s Sword silently arrives to early access

And no, there is still no official explanation for the shift


Over the course of this month we’ve been tracking the movements of Destiny’s Sword, particularly as the game decided to silently pivot away from its MMO promise into a single-player visual novel instead, without so much as a major announcement or explanation from either developer 2Dogs Games or its newly landed publisher Bonus Stage Publishing – despite the developer being more than happy to take crowdfunded money to make a “uniquely social online game” as was first pitched.

2Dogs has kept one promise: The game arrived to early access on Steam today as the devs planned. The studio calls Destiny’s Sword “feature complete” but plans to release more chapters, additional troopers and gear, and some additional scenes according to the game’s front page on the platform. Full launch is expected for spring of next year, while the early access version will set players back about $8 until October 24th; after that, the price rises to around $9.

Thumbing back through the social media channels and official sites for Destiny’s Sword provides no new details otherwise: The game’s original Kickstarter page hasn’t been updated since 2020, the developer’s Twitter account has been silent since September, its publisher hasn’t put out any PR about the game at the time of this writing, the game’s official Discord is quiet, 2Dogs’ own website still lists Destiny’s Sword as an MMORPG, and there are no new videos or new livestreams on Twitch. And as of this writing, two people bought the visual novel.

sources: Steam (1, 2), Steam Charts
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