War Thunder’s Fire and Ice update introduces new map and new vehicles from Finland


A new playable nation is heading to War Thunder soon, and it might not be one players expect: Finland. The Fire and Ice update, which is due to arrive on PC and consoles in the coming weeks, will add ground and air vehicles from Finland, among other features.

The new toys coming to the game promise to be “the strangest combinations of vehicles” yet, owing to the fact that most of Finland’s armor and air vehicles come from cobbling together manufactured or captured kit from the UK and the USSR with unique Finnish touches. One given example is the BT-42, which is essentially a conversion of captured Soviet BT-7s that were recreated into assault guns with a British howitzer and a turret of local design. Players will be able to find Finland’s land and air tech trees in the Swedish tech tree, similar to how South African armor is found in the UK tech tree.

In addition, the update will introduce a Scandinavian-inspired map and expand the existing tech trees with new vehicles, including a never-before-seen weapon type for certain helicopters.

It’s hard not to read this update as global commentary from studio Gaijin, as in the real world Finland is also in the process of joining something: NATO.

source: press release
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