Fractured Online disables new purchases for players in Asian countries, posts new survey


Players who want to play Fractured Online but live in Japan are going to have a harder time at this point, as Dynamight Studios has announced that the game will no longer be available for purchase in Asian countries. The reason for this, perhaps understandably, comes down to nothing more than resources, as the studio is aware that existing Asian players are suffering from high latency and the developers simply do not have the ability to provide better service to that part of the world.

Existing customers in the region are still able to keep playing, and the purchase is apparently only being disabled until such time as the local service issue can be addressed. (Whether that time will ever come or not is not the point, in this case.) Our condolences to anyone who was looking forward to picking up the title in the near future and is now going to need to wait for quite a bit longer to do so.

In other Fractured news, Gamigo is soliciting feedback via a new survey.

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