Fractured Online patches in new Iridra race and interplanetary travel


Fractured Online’s early access players are in for a treat today as Gamigo and Dynamight Studios have patched in interplanetary travel.

To access the travel system, players must participate in world events on Arboreus to harvest primal crystals, then use them to power up stargates that can be used to move between other stargates; the patch readout on the official site focuses on continent-to-continent travel, but the press release makes it clear that “interplanetary” isn’t a misnomer and that “travel from one planet to another, such as Syndesia to Arboreus,” is now functional.

“The final design of stargates has changed compared to the initial idea, which saw them as ‘special’ buildings that could be placed in player cities. Instead, they are pre-existing structures already placed in the world. There‚Äôs only 1 stargate per continent, (roughly) equally distant from the 2 starting areas of the continent. Travel is possible from a stargate to any other one. This means they can be used to travel between continents of the same planet, such as Myr and Aerhen!”

The patch also introduces the “blessed humans” known as Iridra, one of the Wildfolk races who begin on Terra.

Fractured Online, readers will recall, is a Kickstarted MMO from Dynamight Studios that is being published by Gamigo; it hit early access to mixed reviews back in September.

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