Multiplayer action RTS Minecraft Legends is due to launch in 2023

Sure, that makes sense.

It probably is not unknown to you, but just in case you were not previously aware of this fact, a lot of kids really like Minecraft. That makes the game’s loose IP and setting a great way to get kids interested in other genres, which seems to be one of the ideas behind Minecraft Legends, a new action RTS with multiplayer due out from Mojang early next year. And while the game is indisputably an RTS, the gameplay trailer alone makes it clear that the focus is on exploring the Minecraft gameplay style through a new lens.

Players will summon minions and set them to tasks while also collecting resources, building structures, and issuing commands from a top-level perspective. The result is that you have all of the broad strategy of a traditional RTS without the same demands on your clicking hand, so to speak. Check out the full trailer just below, and keep your eyes peeled as the game approaches its planned launch date of spring 2023.

Source: YouTube via Polygon
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