PSA: Guild Wars 2 is giving out free 24-slot inventory bags to newsletter signuppers

...and people are so hungry for it that it's crashing the site


Would you like to subscribe to a newsletter from Guild Wars 2? No? What about if ArenaNet gave you a free 24-slot bag? That’s the offer on the table from the game as it seeks more registrations on its newsletters while also offering a little something to alleviate the endgame boss that is lack of inventory space.

This free plump bag of delicious inventory slots is available for those who have either signed up to both the GW2 and ANet newsletters through their account page from October 18th onward or were already signed up before then. Players need to be sure they have logged in with at least one character and that the character in question has a free space in their existing inventory, but otherwise the 24-slot bag will arrive via the in-game mail.

Patience may be needed here, as the announcement notes that the bag may take several weeks to arrive. Furthermore, the offer is proving so popular that the site that handles registrations is creaking under the load strain. If nothing else, this can at least affirm that you’re not alone in being a pack rat.

sources: official site, Twitter, thanks to Gavin for the tip!
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