City of Heroes’ Homecoming rogue server has Halloween goodness on offer until November 1


Just in case you weren’t already aware, the Homecoming rogue server of City of Heroes has been rocking the creepy season all month long and will continue to do so until November 1st. We appreciate there’s a lot of Halloween going around, but we can’t possibly ignore one of MMO gaming’s finest spooky events.

The actual content for Homecoming’s Halloween is pretty similar to last year’s, including trick-or-treating to be had at every building door, giant thematic monster hunts, zone invasions, and Dr. Kane’s House of Horrors trial among them. What’s new this year is the addition of elite bosses to the trick-or-treat enemy pool from level 25 and up that grant extra rewards, new Halloween badges that also give up prismatic aether particle salvage when collected, and a permanent tier 1 prestige costume to try for.

There’s about a week left to enjoy the spooky good times (which incidentally means eternal night has fallen across Paragon City), so if you’re not already, better get out there and knock on a few office building doors.

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