Whatever happened to throne war MMO Crowfall?

Yes, I'm aware of the disconnect of using this as an example, just move past it.

It’s been some time since we peered in on the news coming out of Crowfall, the Kickstarted PvP “throne war” MMO originally from developer ArtCraft. Readers will remember that one of the larger stories about this title involved its purchase by Mythguard publisher Monumental last year; otherwise the game has simply been launching campaigns, while its name crossed the lips of many of our writers when considering crowdfunded projects that let us down.

The month of October doesn’t appear to have changed Crowfall’s fortunes too much, though there are still campaigns running. The latest one, Shadow Lapis Lazuli, is operating between now November 6th. The only other announcement of note is a decoration for VIPs to place in their Eternal Kingdom. The last major publish was in August, the game hasn’t posted any blogs or tweets since April, and the official Discord has some chatter but is generally serene.

The gentle hum of player communication also appears to extend to Reddit, with the last major discussion coming about three months ago when someone asked if this was a good game to get started on. “I’m a huge Crowfall fan, and I still enjoy playing with my guild from time to time, but the game is effectively on ice while they do a rebuild from the ground up,” reads one response to the question. “If you don’t mind throwing $15 to check it out, I don’t think it’s terrible, but you’d definitely want to have an active guild lined up before getting started. The learning curve is pretty steep, and the only other still active players are miles ahead of you.”

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