Black Desert adds a Halloween witch on PC and opens its seasonal servers for console


We’ve already noted the kinds of spooky things Black Desert is up to for the Halloween season on mobile, but what about the MMORPG’s other platforms? Fret not, as the PC version is getting in on the seasonal good times as well with a fight against the witch Isabella. Also a robot.

The Isabella encounter has a couple of moving pieces to it, such as specific spawn times and locations on NA and EU servers as well as a bunch of stages to the fight. Of course, there will be plenty of goodies for those who take on the challenge including gold bars, enhancement items, and more. The fight against the robotic Innocence Mk XII similarly has some stages to it and lots of similar rewards on offer. The rest of the PC version’s patch makes some class adjustments, tweaks the recently added Abyss One, and applies a few other fixes.

Meanwhile on the console version, this week’s patch is big enough to require two separate posts: One that outlines the opening of new seasonal servers that feature increased XP and loot, and another that details a long list of class updates.

source: Black Desert PC site (1, 2, 3), Black Desert console site (1, 2)
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