PSO2 New Genesis shows off an autumn event, new skills, and custom player housing in new video


Yesterday saw another NGS Headline video premiere with new details about the content planned for the near and distant future of Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis, including a new event, more details about the December content update, and an all-new custom player housing feature.

November will primarily feature an autumn seasonal event that once more sees players earning points by clearing missions or running races, which can then be spent on seasonal goodies and new weapons. A tentpole feature of this seasonal event is the addition of two new limited-time quests, both of which challenge players to survive waves of enemies.

The video then takes a new look at December’s Hellfire Vanguard update, offering up another look at the volcanic Stia region, a brief preview of the new story and characters players will engage with, a demonstration of new weapon skills, and a peek at new 8-star rarity weapons,

Finally, next spring will open up the Creative Space for player housing, which will let players craft their own homes from scratch with individual building pieces and decor items and modify the terrain of their land. The video demonstrates some of the locations that can be built with the in-development feature, from night clubs to a Rappy house.

The devs of PSO2:NGS also offered a little insight into future development focus, including keeping an eye on content rewards, adding more gameplay that utilizes the open world, and adding more variety to seasonal events.

sources: YouTube (1, 2), 4Gamer
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