Neverwinter prepares some major buffs for Wizards for the Northdark Reaches module


It’s hard in Neverwinter for a Wizard. You try your best to cast destructive spells, but you have to deal with the jocks of the adventuring world, all the Fighters and Rogues shoving your nerd body inside a locker and pouring booze through the air slots, getting you all drunk and making you late for magic class. Also you’re expected to grow an impressive white beard even though you’re a cis woman in her 20s. But the balance changes to the class that will coincide with the Northdark Reaches module should help you at least more effectively cast those destructive spells!

Aside from a variety of bug fixes, Wizard now benefit from a large number of balance changes, with most spells dealing 10-20% more damage and others dealing far more. Smolder, for example, has become much better, and while a number of Feats based on that spell have not been changed much they’ve become much more viable simply because Smolder is much better now. Check out the full rundown of changes ahead of the module arriving, and get ready to rain down destruction with renewed vigor. Maybe on the monsters, maybe on the aforementioned Fighters and Rogues. We don’t judge. (Out loud.)

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