Epic Games MOBA Paragon is resurrected as Paragon The Overprime under Netmarble’s oversight


It’s been a long, strange, and twisty-turny journey for Epic Games’ Paragon. The third-person MOBA came out in 2016 but quickly found itself floundering from population issues and a controversial business model. By early 2018, Epic shuttered the stagnant title — but released many of its assets to be used in other games, such as Fault Elder Orb.

Partially due to this open source freedom, Netmarble’s been working on a way to bring Paragon back, more or less. Called Paragon: The Overprime, this MOBA promises to look and play a lot like its predecessor, only with new heroes and other adjustments. Epic Games, for its part, has given the project its blessing and will even host it on the Epic Game Store.

The project, which was formerly called Overprime, can also be found on Steam, where it’s set for its final test prior to its early access launch.

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