Gloria Victis carves itself out a bloody Halloween update


Did you really think that Gloria Victis would be too caught up in its faction war to break for some spooky fun? The early access medieval MMO has everything Halloween going on — except, perhaps, for pumpkin spice death.

“The game world is embellished with spooky decorations: Trebuchets and catapults launch spooky Jack-o’-lanterns, and you can participate in various event activities,” the team said. “Look for the pumpkin icons on the map — events marked with them give you the possibility to collect sweets, exchangeable for event rewards.”

In addition to the Halloween event, Gloria Victis has seen multiple improvements as of late. These include better graphics and lighting, updated environmental models, more locations, reworked starter areas, a lore system, a better game engine, events for both PvP and PvE players, and the new Questboards.

Source: Press release, Steam
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