Tree of Savior M arrives to South Korea November 2, Re: Tree of Savior cans global aspirations


This is a story of two mobile versions of the MMOARPG Tree of SaviorTree of Savior M and Re: Tree of Savior, otherwise known as the Tree of Savior Mobile Remake. In summary, there’s some possible good news for the former title and some bad news to apparently come out of the latter title.

IMC Games has confirmed that Tree of Savior M is making its way to South Korean players on Wednesday, November 2nd. The game was available for pre-download earlier in the week, with pre-launch character creation available on November 1st. Additionally, the devs confirmed work is being done on a Windows client of the mobile game, which will feature specific visual options and control keybinds for PC players; word on this version’s release isn’t specifically detailed.

As for Re: Tree of Savior, readers might recall that IMC and Nexon had entered into a partnership in 2017 to bring the title to global audiences, but unsourced reporting from MMO Culture suggests that the game’s beta test in Japan last year wasn’t well received, putting the kibosh on the partnership.

sources: official site via Google Translate (1, 2), MMO Culture
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