Warframe launches Echoes of Veilbreaker November 2, delays Duviri Paradox to 2023


Warframe fans have gotten a clearer idea of what awaits for their favorite game in the immediate and semi-distant future. The game’s recent dev livestream and subsequent website posts have planned out content headed to the multiplayer action RPG as far out as 2023.

First, the game will see its Echoes of Veilbreaker update arrive on Wednesday, November 2nd, with some changes and new fights in Break Narmer missions, some new cosmetics, and a variety of other quality-of-life changes. After that, the winter season will bring the Lua’s Prey update, which has moved the wolf-like Voruna ‘Frame into its own patch release. This patch will also add a Conjunction Survival endgame mode, the next Nightwave series, and some new skins.

For those who have been following along, Voruna’s arrival in a separate patch does indeed mean that the Duviri Paradox update that had announced a winter release at TennoCon is being pushed back into sometime in 2023, as developer Digital Extremes needs more time to “[try] a lot of new things” with the new open world area. More information about this next year’s update is promised in a January developer livestream.

Last but certainly not least, the beginning of October has seen more cross-play testing done between Xbox and PC, and things have progressed enough that the devs are ready to try bringing other platforms into the testing fold. The devs also believe that cross-save features should be ready by sometime next year.

source: official site (1, 2)
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