Monsters & Memories recaps two months’ worth of work on locations, gameplay, artwork, and sparkly VFX


If you’ve been closely following the progress of indie MMORPG Monsters & Memories, you might have noticed that the devs at Niche Worlds Cult skipped their customary monthly development update report this past September and released a two-year retrospective instead. That doesn’t mean the team wasn’t busy in September, of course, but it does mean that the newest update digest combines September and October into one.

As one might expect, the combination of two months’ worth of update work makes for a pretty lengthy read as the post recounts updates to textures, visual effects, zones, and spells, interspersed with concept artwork, in-engine screenshots, and animated gifs of people getting extremely sparkly.

The post also notes the onboarding of a new dev, creation of new quests, addition of more spell sounds, and optimization and reorganization of its backend tech to facilitate “bigger gaggles of angry mobs” among other things. As the opening of the report suggests, get comfortable, grab a drink, and settle in for a lot of reading.

source: official site, thanks to Nick for the tip!
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