Whatever happened to Noah’s Heart?

Apparently someone lost the password for updating the website

Notster Hunter.

Remember Noah’s Heart? Possibly not. The game launched in July promising an open-world MMO experience on both PC and mobile platforms, and if you’re getting some strong Genshin Impact/Tower of Fantasy vibes from the screenshots and the like, it’s not by accident. So what’s happened with the game since then?

The short answer is not a heck of a lot, which in and of itself is rather telling. While the game boasted solid numbers for registrations ahead of launch, it seems to have fallen off sharply since then. The official website hasn’t posted new information in months, and while the game’s staff is active on social media, it mostly covers new gacha characters being added and new screenshot contests. Checking the game’s official Discord is equally substance-free; it counts about 20,000 users, a far cry from the millions of pre-registrations it boasted ahead of launch.

Larger lacks of communication exist there as well, too; the developers specifically don’t appear to have been active for months, leaving just the community staff to talk to a largely quiet server. A post on the game’s official subreddit is filled with people already noting that the game has been mismanaged and server merges are ongoing. So… it made a minor splash when it landed and then completely dropped off once the early launch money was made. That’s perhaps a predictable ending, but still a sad one.

Source: Research, Reddit
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