World of Warships adds more Japanese light cruisers to early access, releases German and US submarines


There are new warships in the latest update to World of Warships. That’s probably not really a surprise considering the game’s title, but having more toys to play with is never a bad thing in a game where players crash their toys violently at one another (metaphorically speaking), so it’s worth taking a look at what’s new.

The headlining portion of Update 0.11.10 is the arrival of more Japanese light cruisers to early access, which boast large gun batteries and high-range torpedoes that make them excellent for sneaking around and getting the drop on unsuspecting captains. Players can access some of these new ships from either buying bundles, completing missions, or in boxes bought with doubloons.

Speaking of sneaking around, another major feature is the move of several US and German submarines from early access to the regular tech tree, making them available to all players. These new subs fall in the Tier VI to X range and have distinct features and mechanics. This latest patch also introduces some visual improvements to the game, launches a new clan battles season, and releases its first battle pass. Fans can read the patch notes to get all of the details.

sources: press release, official site
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