Kakao wants to know if you want even more ArcheAge fresh start servers

We're going to ignore the ArcheWorld thing for the moment, please and thank you.

The fresh start servers in ArcheAge Unchained have, by all accounts, gone over pretty well with players, which has gotten Kakao Games thinking about whether players of base ArcheAge would also like those kinds of servers to be a thing. And thus, a survey was born.

The line of thinking for this potential fresh start in AA is to help bridge the gap between established players and new ones, though this server would accommodate differences between AA and Unchained, like “extensive” boosts and the removal of the pirate faction. More details are planned to be shared soon, but for now players can fill out an in-game survey to provide their thoughts.

In the meantime, both games have received small patches that extend the autumn event for two more weeks, kick off a Black Friday Ticket Exchanger event, and apply a few bug fixes.

source: official site (1, 2, 3)
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