Kingshunt, a 5v5 arena battler, enters early access

Oh my sweet summer child.

Is it a game about a hunt for a king? About various kings who are hunting? About finding a shunt fit for a king? There are numerous ways you could read the title of online 5v5 battler Kingshunt, but the first one seems the most likely. And if you’re watching the trailers and thinking that you’re reminded of Paragon in the process, that’s intentional, as developer Vaki Games and publisher A List Games have positioned the game as a spiritual successor to that particular third-person MOBA title.

Players in Kingshunt will choose from 15 different Summoners as they build their teams, taking on the other side while summoning allies and unleashing their personal abilities. Check out the trailer and a few screenshots just below; it’s starting its early access as a free-to-play title, so you don’t need to put down a big investment in order to see if this game is for you or not. Maybe you can even finish hunting the king! Or crowning a new regent of shunts, we’re not sure.

Source: Press release
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