PlanetSide 2 celebrates 10th anniversary with double XP and concurrency record attempt


Rogue Planet Games is marking 10 years of PlanetSide 2 in a couple of ways. There’s the upcoming November update, an attempt to break its own Guinness World Record tomorrow, and now there’s double XP for everyone.

Nearly every weekend in November, from today, November 4th to November 20th, will grant double the XP for everyone, while those who are subscribers will also get double XP during the final weekend of the month. The post also nods in the direction of the aforementioned world record attempt and the studio’s Extra Life fundraising efforts.

Speaking of the 10th anniversary update, a recent dev blog highlighted a new CTF-style capture mechanic arriving in the November update. This new capture gameplay emphasizes movement for both attackers and defenders, as attackers need to keep control of their a generator called a Repo while also clearing the way for flag runners, while defenders have to try to lock down their flagstands and push to re-secure the Repos and fend off an advance.

In addition, the update will change the way bastion carriers work with a replacement of the mauler cannons and attack command with three new commands, adjust shotguns, and bring back the spawn priority system from 2018. Also make sure to tune in to today’s OPTV stream where Chris will be peeking in to see how this weekend event and the ramp-up to the world record attempt is looking live.

source: official site (1, 2)
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