Paramount Hero is an early access solo effort sandbox MMO with a control scheme nobody likes


Even with hundreds of developers and millions of dollars at your beck and call, making an MMO is hard to do, so we have to at least nod in appreciation of the effort of one Graham Darcey and his solo project Paramount Hero. Even so, this one might need a lot of time in the oven beyond its stated six to 12 months of early access.

Described by Darcey as a “third-person skill-progression MMO” that is “inspired by multiplayer classics,” Paramount Hero is set in a 3-D fantasy world that’s three square kilometers in size. The world features proceduarlly generated content combined with handcrafted points of interest, a variety of quests beyond the “kill X” variety, and the promise of dozens of skills, hundreds of items, and over 50 varieties of monsters, while the game uses a click-to-move control scheme.

It’s that control scheme that seems to be the bugbear of the few user reviews the game has received, and all of the reviews note the game is in an extremely rough state. To Darcey’s credit, he appears to have been cranking away on the game since 2019 and the game has put out a couple of patches since its early access launch, but this one might have a long way to travel yet. As hard as MMORPG dev is even under auspicious conditions, this one’s for the solo devs out there.

sources: Steam, Twitter
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