Conan Exiles has begun testing Age of Sorcery chapter two’s head hunting mechanics


Conan Exiles fans are in for a treat today as chapter two of Age of Sorcery officially hits the test server and Funcom takes the wraps off of the update.

“Today we’re letting you have an early look at what’s coming with Chapter 2, where we introduce a new Encounter type (psst, Events are now called Encounters!), Head Hunting!” the studio says. “You can now find head hunter contracts where you will have to hunt down nefarious Sorcerers hidden in the lands. It will be your choice to bring them back dead or alive! With this new Encounter we are also adding a new special encounter, Witch Hunter. Explore the lands to find more about it!”

Naturally, there’s a new head-hunting-themed battle pass to go along with it, new items, big fixes, and the pet companion rebalance, which Funcom says constitutes the “first step in revising pets moving forward, with the intention of bringing them up to a level where they can be at a similar level to other followers.”

Funcom has been promoting its stream today at 11 a.m. EST, during which it’ll preview the highlights.

Source: Patch notes
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