EVE Online brings new ship variants, frontlines, and shinier hangars in today’s Uprising update

As a treat.

The latest update for EVE Online has been the talk of the game for a while now (and has reportedly been drawing in a lot of interest), but at last the wait is over and the content is available to play: The Uprising has come.

As players are likely aware, this new update brings plenty of goodies to the space sandbox, including 16 new ship variants, the frontlines feature of factional warfare, a host of quality-of-life updates, and some shiny new visuals like corporation emblems that ships can wear and more dynamic upwell hangars. The update is being celebrated with a daily login event that promises thousands of skill points and a free seven-day stipend of Omega subscription time that can be claimed until November 22nd.

In other EVE news, the October economic report is available for players to scour, so if you’re looking to see how last month’s industry moves will affect all the new shipbuilding likely to happen today, you’ve got the graphs and charts.

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