Guild Wars 2 recaps WvW restructuring test plans, one more test expected in 2022

With more to come next year


Guild Wars 2 has a big patch coming today as the final episode of the season one rerelease is out, plus we’re already looking ahead to this Friday’s stream on the November 29th profession balance update. But in the meantime, especially if you’re a PvP player, you might want to take a peek at the game’s forums, where Senior Game Designer Floyd Grubb has recapped the WvW restructuring beta and discussed what to expect in the short term, as well as apologizes for reward issues.

Notably, Grubb says that phase one saw the team shore up the backend system, including fixing issues with queueing and team placement. Guild selection is next, along with more queue improvements.

“In the November 8 update, players will be able to choose their WvW guild for matchmaking purposes from either the WvW panel or the guild panel. Eventually, the World Restructuring – BETA panel will be deprecated, and the guild panel will become the only way to manage your WvW guild selection. These panels will remain accessible outside of World Restructuring Beta events, allowing players to update their WvW guild selection at any time prior to a matchmaking event. The guild panel has also been updated with new WvW guild selection functionality and iconography: If you are currently on the same team with your WvW guild, it will show an ‘active’ icon. A ‘pending’ icon will display next to your WvW guild if you are not currently on the same team as your WvW guild. You will be placed on the same team as your WvW guild in the next matchmaking event.”

Players should expect one more phase one beta before the new year, then phase two – alliances – is set for 2023.

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