Wizard101’s Novus update arrives to PTS with new region, new mechanics, and an Archmastery system


There’s a pretty significant update landing in Wizard101 in the near future, but that will only happen after the content has gone through its public testing phase that’s going on now, bringing a new world and a gaggle of system updates to the kid-friendly magical MMO.

The update’s centerpiece is the new land of Novus that lends its name to the patch’s title. This new location, formed after the World Synthesizer in Lemuria was destroyed, is promising players a lot of answers to mysteries that will “shake the Spiral” as they explore the new region and try to stop corrupting forces.

Another headlining feature is a new Archmastery system that tries to make dual school builds more viable. Archmastery is a new stat that lets players accumulate power that will automatically convert Power Pips into school-specific pips, opening up combat for more mixed spellslinging. That said, those who prefer the single school playstyle can continue to use spells from one source.

Other pieces of the Novus update include more Beastmoon forms; a new pin gear item that can be attached to certain equipment to boost offense, defense, or utility; new castle magic items; and additional guild feature updates.

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