Lost Ark’s Reaper class will finally launch in the west on November 16


While Korean players have already been Reaping it up since September 2020, players in the west have had to wait until this month’s update to get their Reap on. Luckily, we now have some additional information about this new class as well as a release date: November 16th.

This new Assassin advanced class operates in three different modes – normal, persona, and chaos – and wields three different skill categories in the form of dagger, shadow, and swoop skills; dagger and shadow skills both charge up persona and chaos modes, while swoop skills are enhanced when the class enters persona mode. Additionally, the Reaper features two unique class engravings in the form of hunger for chaos mode and lunar for persona mode.

In addition to this new class, players can get themselves a Punika Powerpass that grants item level 1302 gear after completing a special quest during a new event, on top of previously stated features for this update like improvements to the Tripod Transfer system, improvements to strongholds, and a balance pass.

sources: Official site, Twitter (1, 2, 3)
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