Wild Terra 2 New Lands has officially launched as the sequel to 2017’s Wild Terra Online


As promised, Wild Terra 2, the sequel to sandboxy MMO Wild Terra, has officially launched on Steam today under the Juvty Worlds banner.

The second game in the franchise was announced back in 2019 when Juvty admitted that the original title’s “technology ceiling” had been reached; the studio said at the time that it didn’t want to shut down Wild Terra (and indeed, it’s still running with a tiny population), but its efforts (and self-funded four-man team) were turned toward rebuilding the game on a new engine with most of the same PvP-centered sandbox features and then some.

Now, that version is open for business at what is currently a sale price of $35.99. “New servers have been opened, old servers have received a postscript to the name Legacy and they will not be offered to beginners by default,” Juvty says, pointing to servers in Russia, Europe, US East and West, South America, Pacific Asia, and even Australia. “Also, Steam achievements are already available on the new servers!”

The game’s population through early access has been fairly low, and it hasn’t reached its original peak of over 1200 people, but it’s one to keep an eye on to see if the open PvP and box price change over time.

Source: Steam
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